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Your food sucks and is shit.

G A, 24 Feb 2021

I did not get cheese or garlic may on my curly fries. I want a refund for the extra I paid!

Kelly, 24 Feb 2021

I ordered curly fries with cheese and garlic mayo. Just got plain curly fries! I want the refund for the extra that you didnt do!!

Kelly, 24 Feb 2021


Lewis, 17 Feb 2021

Very nice will order again

Kris, 14 Feb 2021

Really tasty and will order again at some point

Kris, 14 Feb 2021

Missed off all the salad from our order

Hannah, 14 Feb 2021

Always fabulous

Amy, 12 Feb 2021

Can you not microwave the cheese on the chips

Jordan, 10 Feb 2021

Just received tonight’s order and I’m quite disappointed in the quality of food. The bag of salad was brown and half assed. Shouldn’t have bothered. Not sure why but the salad should be in the dinner wrap not in a bag I’m not a rabbit. The donner meat it’self is just like chunks and not strips of meat like what you get everywhere else. I’m actually ashamed I allowed my eldest daughter to eat it as I wouldn’t have fed it to a pig. Like it’s shit times right now but if your going to provide shit quality of food you may aswell just close. Sorry

Emma Mackay , 07 Feb 2021

We were missing the cream cheese chilli bites from our order. We also ordered 10 CRISPY chicken strips but the arrived in kitchen foil soggy as you like. And to think I paid over £5 for them. The portion of curly fries was a complete joke, it was barely covered the bottom of the container very overpriced considering you were charging £3 we spent £40 and we are very disappointed we didn’t even eat it. I think there is compensation for our missing items maybe a refund

Sian Oshea, 05 Feb 2021

Not enough salad, salad was old and shriveled, pitta was dry. We had to make our own sald

Graeme, 05 Feb 2021

Good quality food delivered on time

Geoff Whittaker , 05 Feb 2021

No salad with medium kebab , salad for large was poor just lettuce and cabbage which was going brown meat wasn’t cooked crispy and meal was warm not hot

Bobby, 05 Feb 2021

Great food

John, 03 Feb 2021

Really disappointing

Lisa, 31 Jan 2021

Was a little colder than expected on delivery but very nice food thank you. Great taste

Sarah Dean, 30 Jan 2021

We ordered a chicken wrap with fresh chillies but instead it came full of chilli sauce.

Veronica, 29 Jan 2021

Great as always

Steve, 25 Jan 2021

Delivery is a little long but food is worth the wait

Brooke, 19 Jan 2021

No contact and no communication

Ricky, 10 Jan 2021

I chose the option for fish and chips and delivered uncooked fish nuggests.. The restaurant wasnt ready to take the order back or give me some other options.. Not gonna buy from them again

Chris, 03 Jan 2021


Matthew, 03 Jan 2021

The worst food you could ever imagine. Donna kebab meet looked anemic , and the double cheese burger had been chucked into a bun with no cheese just dirty meat that taste like gone of corned beef. They also don’t answer their phone , it constantly says user busy. Do not waste your money here. It should be shut down and reported.

Ila, 31 Dec 2020

The food was abysmal how can you serve a burger with nothing but beef in it kebab meat was whiter than me no effort food was stone cold never eat from here again food not fit enough for a prisoner !

Marco P, 31 Dec 2020

What a waste of money wouldn’t even feed this food to my dog. I’m actually disgusted that they can even be aloud to be open. Shut this place down!

Shannon Smith, 31 Dec 2020